Alexandra Davis

Fitness is great fun with Alex!

Alex & Dance

I come from a dance background am a highly qualified Pilates and fitness instructor with experience in several disciplines in the fitness industry.

As well as delivering fitness classes in leisure centres, for many years, I offer small group classes, 1 to 1 personal training, and now online training sessions.

Alex Head Shot
Alex Standing Ball Pose

Alex & Fitness

I firmly believe that if you find something fun, that you enjoy, you will keep it up, otherwise keeping fit, instead of being fun becomes a chore.

My dance aerobic and step classes are choreographed in such a way that before you know it, you will be adding twists, turns and armography without even realising it.

Conditioning classes are also delivered in a fun way that you don’t realise you have been working out until the day after or even the day after that!

Results can be achieved with or without the use of small or even large equipment and I offer a wide variety of exercises that include the following : step; barre (or chair!); large gym ball; small soft ball; foam roller; magic circle and hula hoop as well as reformer; aerial hammock and pole.

Alex & First Aid

My safety background comes from extensive scuba diving in the UK as a diving instructor and safety diver.  I also has many years experience as an expedition diving instructor/logistics manager for marine conservation projects in remote locations overseas which include Mexico, Fiji and Belize. Also, I am an HSE First Aid Instructor and Assessor and have taught first aid and diver related safety courses for many years.

With my safety diving and first aid experience, I have worked for TV & Film production companies providing water related safety.  Clients include : ITV/SYCO Productions “Red or Black”; ITV’s “Coronation Street”; Channel 4’s “Hollyoaks”; Channel 4 Films’ “Mischief Nights” and more recently Brush Creek Films’ feature, “Gridiron UK”.

HSE First Aid at Work and AED Trainer and Assessor

IOSH Health & Safety Management at Work

ITV Managing Production Safely

Fire Marshall

RLSS NWSMP Instructor

Alex Life Saving
Alexandra Davis
Alexandra Davis

Alex & Scuba Diving

CMAS *** Scuba Diving Instructor

BSAC Advanced Scuba Diving Instructor

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

SSI Dive Control Specialist Scuba Diving Instructor

RYA : Yachtmaster; GMDSS Instructor and Assessor; First Aid Instructor; Inland Helmsman

First Aid for Divers, Oxygen Administration, Life Saving, Practical Rescue Management, Nitrox, Chart Work and Position Fixing, Search and Recovery, Dive Planning and Marshalling, Drysuit Diving, Advanced Diving Techniques

Boat Handling, Diver Coxswain, Outboard Engine & Boat Maintenance, Compressor Operation & Management, Equipment Care & Maintenance

RLSS NWSMP Instructor